Pest Control Services Companies in Kenya

Finding the best pest control company is essential in a nation where pests can pose an unwelcome challenge to both homes and businesses. Kenya is home to many outstanding pest control businesses that are committed to taking on these annoyances head-on. These businesses provide specific knowledge to guarantee a pest-free environment, from termites to rodents. The top pest control companies in Kenya can help whether you’re a household looking for peace or a business owner protecting your reputation.

Pest Control Services Companies in Kenya

Pest Control Services Companies in Kenya

1. Bestcare Pest Control Services

Bestcare Services is a well-known provider of fumigation and pest control services in Nairobi. Their team of specialists, who have years of experience in the field, is committed to giving customers effective and efficient solutions for all of their pest problems. They provide thorough pest control solutions that are customized to meet your demands. They have the knowledge and abilities to permanently get rid of any kind of insect, including bed bugs, cockroaches, rodents, and others.

Tel:  0722 566 999

Location: Mpaka Plaza, Westlands

2. GM Fumigation & Pest Control Services

In Nairobi, Kenya, GM Fumigation and Pest Control Services is a recognized provider of pest management services. Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Kiambu, Machakos, and surrounding areas are covered by their services.

Their pest control and fumigation services in Kenya are quick, efficient, and make use of the most environmentally friendly, secure materials on the market. They have the answer, whether you have an infestation that needs to be dealt with right away or are looking for long-term preventative care.


Call: 0111 277 233

3. Q-Zone

In Kenya, Q-Zone offers pest management services to the public sector, private clients, and businesses. whenever you require one, a Q-Zone service specialist is dispatched from their network of teams. For the identification, avoidance, and eradication of pesky pests, they create novel, environmentally responsible solutions.

Location: Valley Arcade, Nairobi


4. Jopestkil

Both fumigation and pest management in homes and businesses are delicate situations. Fumigation and pest control services are provided by Jopestkil in Nairobi, Kenya. They are aware that fumigation of domestic pests involves many different components, including the pests’ biology, public health implications, pest control chemicals, pest management techniques, and equipment.

Call: 0723362334

5. Brital Pest

One of the top pest control firms in Nairobi, Kenya is Brital Pest Control. Its business is to provide its customers with a pest-free environment. Examples include the suppression of pests like cockroaches, bees, fleas, bats, mosquitoes, rats/mice, termites, beetles, moths, dove mates, wood heats, wood barrows, bedbugs, cereals, etc.


6. Rentokil

With more than 90 years of international experience and support for more than 65 nations, Rentokil has become the most recognizable name in pest management.

They are able to help their customers, ensure public health, and protect the environment with cutting-edge pest management programs because to their skill and in-depth knowledge of pest control.

Call: +254 703055777

7. Agile Pest Control

Services in Agile Pest Control Kenya provide guaranteed pest control services throughout the entire nation, including Nairobi. They are aware of how quickly pests can invade our homes or places of business. One cockroach, one bed bug, one rat darting across the room today; a few days later, it’s a full-fledged infestation. They are experts in dealing with this problem. To combat pests and ensure your safety, they apply pest science and in-depth product knowledge. Their techniques are safe for people, animals, and the environment.

Call: 0726-473-074

8. Ella

Ella Fumigation Services is an expert in pest management. It provides pest management services to get rid of rodents, termites, cockroaches, bed bugs, and mosquitoes. This service provider guarantees the long-lasting, efficient eradication and control of numerous sorts of pests from a house or workplace by using an innovative method and cutting-edge technology.


9. Ecofumitech

You may rely on Ecofumitech to provide free consultations, recommendations, estimates, and surveys about pest management at any time. The distinction at Ecofumitech is that each circumstance receives individualized care. Ecofumitech offers its customers fair and thorough pricing that is both competitive and comprehensive. The end users can benefit from these savings, and satisfied customers are what their business is all about.


10. Termipest

A business in Eastern Africa called Termipest Limited specializes in providing fumigation services, pest control remedies, cleaning services, exporting horticulture goods, and the sale of specialized safety equipment, industrial chemicals, and other things.

Call:  0733 796 388


11. Jeroge Limited

In order to provide the greatest quality, dependable, cheap, and most practical pest control services at your homes, farms, hotels, and workplaces, Jeroge Cleaning has specialized, professionalized, and tailored its pest control services. Jeroge Limited holds a pest control license. They are available to provide you with cleaning services and answers to any questions you may have. They promise complete satisfaction and unwavering perfection in all of their services.You don’t need to worry about spending a lot of money in order to get the services you need to be as clean as you want to be.

Email :

12. Alpha Ecological Pest Control

All of Nairobi County is served by Alpha. There is never any pressure to get any work done; their inspections are always free. Additionally, they do not call for any kind of recurring or monthly service agreement. Call or email us right away. For establishments like restaurants, grocery stores, food processing plants, buildings, and distribution warehouses, among others, they offer pest control services. Wherever possible, AEPC will use the safest products on the market. They will always offer guidance on how to keep personnel, pets, and children safe.

Call: +254718 -787-850

13. Sententa HomeCare

A prominent residential pest management company, Sententa HomeCare Pest Control is well known for its extensive, ecologically friendly services. Their team of skilled experts provides individualized pest control plans while placing a high priority on family and pet safety and efficiently resolving a variety of pest problems. They have a focus on ongoing maintenance and prevention to keep houses free of pests. Sententa HomeCare Pest Control is a dependable option for homeowners looking for efficient and environmentally friendly pest control solutions thanks to its affordable pricing and dedication to client satisfaction.

14. KitutoAfrica Pest Control

A reputable domestic pest management company, KitutoAfrica Pest Control offers practical answers catered to your requirements. They provide thorough pest control services, including taking care of both common pests like termites or bed bugs as well as specialist problems like ants, roaches, and rats. In order to minimize environmental damage and safeguard the health of people and animals, KitutoAfrica Pest Control strongly emphasizes environmental responsibility. They prioritize safety, provide individualized pest management plans, and concentrate on ongoing maintenance and prevention.

15. Kisa Pest Control

The most effective pest control services in Kenya are provided by Kisa Pest Control. Their pest control and fumigation services in Kenya are quick, efficient, and employ the most environmentally friendly, secure materials on the market. They have the answers, whether you have an infection that needs to be treated right away or are looking for long-term preventative treatment. They take the time to learn about your circumstance, and they then walk you through each stage to guarantee the greatest result. They aim to keep pests away from you, your family, and your property.

Call: + 254 717549071

16. Acebug Fumigation

Nairobi-based Acebug Fumigation Company is a licensed pest management business. They have been offering fumigation and pest control services across the nation for more than 7 years.
For clients in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors, their fumigation services concentrate on resolving all pest issues. They put a strong emphasis on getting the best outcomes possible by making sure to exceed all of their clients’ expectations and by providing consulting and inspection services. They have a group of professionals on staff who are professionally trained to handle all treatments and processes involving fumigation and pest control.

Call: +254 715 748234

17. Neptune Pest Control

In Nairobi, Neptune’s Home, School, and Office provides very effective pest control services. Cockroaches, bedbugs, mosquitoes, fleas, termites, rats, and snakes are just a few of the pests they specialize in getting rid of. They stand out because they do a professional pest control examination to make sure the best techniques and materials are applied. You can rely on them for support following treatment until all pests have been completely eliminated. The Neptune crew is prepared to manage any pest problem, no matter how big or small it is. Their knowledgeable staff targets and gets rid of pests at all phases of development using cutting-edge tools and eco-friendly fumigants, keeping your home free of pests.

Call: +254 737 762 198

In conclusion,

It is impossible to stress the importance of trustworthy pest control services in a world where infestations of pests may cause havoc in both homes and businesses. Engaging professional knowledge is essential to protect your living areas and maintain a hygienic atmosphere. A solid option for efficient pest treatment may be found on the list of companies mentioned above that offers pest control services. You may have peace of mind and a pest-free environment by hiring these professionals.

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