Sofa Set Cleaning Services in Nairobi

Bring new life to your favorite couch with our expert sofa set cleaning services in Nairobi. Our cleaners use safe and effective techniques to remove dirt, grime, and stubborn stains from your sofa set, leaving it looking fresh and clean.

Trust us to provide the best sofa set cleaning services and rejuvenate the appearance of your furniture. Book your sofa set cleaning services now and enjoy a clean and comfortable living space.

Bestcare Cleaning Services Sofa Set Cleaning Procedure:

1. Pre-Inspection:

Our professional cleaning team begins by conducting a thorough pre-inspection of the sofa set. We assess the fabric type, upholstery condition, and any specific areas with stains, odors, or damage.

2. Preparing the Area:

We take care to protect the surrounding area by placing protective covers on the floor and nearby furniture to prevent any cleaning solution from coming into contact with them.

sofa cleaning in Nairobi kenya

3. Dry Vacuuming:

The first step is to dry vacuum the entire sofa set. We use high-powered vacuum cleaners equipped with upholstery attachments to remove loose dirt, dust, and debris from the surface and crevices.

4. Spot Treatment:

Our skilled technicians identify and treat any visible stains or spots on the sofa set using specialized cleaning solutions. Stubborn stains are given extra attention to ensure effective removal.

5. Soap Application:

Bestcare Cleaning Services uses a specially formulated, eco-friendly soap solution that is safe for various fabric types. We apply the soap evenly to the entire sofa set, paying close attention to heavily soiled areas and armrests.

6. Agitation:

To loosen dirt and embedded grime, we gently agitate the soap into the fabric using soft-bristle brushes or microfiber cloths. This step ensures that the cleaning solution penetrates deep into the upholstery fibers.

7. Dwell Time:

The soap solution is allowed to dwell on the fabric for a specified period, depending on the level of soiling and the type of stains present. This dwell time helps break down and lift dirt and stains from the fabric.

8. Extraction:

Bestcare Cleaning Services employs high-powered, professional-grade extraction machines to remove the soap and water from the sofa set. The extraction process thoroughly rinses and cleans the upholstery, leaving no residue behind.

9. Drying:

We use powerful fans or air movers to expedite the drying process. Proper and thorough drying is crucial to prevent mold or mildew growth and ensure a fresh, clean sofa set.

sofa cleaning in Kenya

10. Post-Cleaning Inspection: – After the cleaning process, our technicians conduct a post-cleaning inspection. We assess the sofa set’s overall condition, ensuring that stains and odors have been effectively removed, and the upholstery is clean and refreshed.

11. Stain Protection (Optional): – Upon request, Bestcare Cleaning Services offers the application of a fabric protector to safeguard the sofa set against future stains and spills. This protective treatment can extend the life of the upholstery.

12. Final Presentation: – Your sofa set is presented to you in its clean and rejuvenated state. We take pride in delivering a sofa set that not only looks clean but also feels fresh and inviting.

Bestcare Cleaning Services is committed to providing top-quality sofa set cleaning services. Our meticulous procedure ensures that your sofa set receives the care and attention it deserves, leaving you with a clean, healthy, and comfortable living space.

How Much Is Sofa Set Cleaning Services in Nairobi Kenya

Bestcare offers one of the most affordable sofa set cleaning costs in Nairobi Kenya. Below is a table showing a sofa and seat cleaning Prices in Nairobi and sorrounding areas.

Type of SeatPrice (KSH)
5 seater sofa set3500
Seven seater sofa set4300
L shaped sofa sets3800
Office/Arm chair700
Puff seats250

Sofa Set Cleaning Service Checklist:

  1. Has a thorough pre-inspection of the sofa set been conducted to assess its condition and any specific cleaning needs?
  2. Has dry vacuuming been performed to remove loose dirt, dust, and debris from the sofa set’s surface and crevices?
  3. Were visible stains or spots on the sofa set identified and treated with specialized cleaning solutions?
  4. Was a specially formulated, eco-friendly soap solution applied evenly to the entire sofa set?
  5. Were soft-bristle brushes or microfiber cloths used to gently agitate the soap into the fabric to loosen dirt and grime?
  6. Was the soap solution allowed to dwell on the fabric for an appropriate period to break down and lift dirt and stains?
  7. Were high-powered extraction machines used to thoroughly rinse and remove the soap and water from the sofa set?
  8. Have powerful fans or air movers been used to expedite the drying process, ensuring no moisture is left behind?
  9. Has a post-cleaning inspection been conducted to assess the sofa set’s overall condition, confirming the effectiveness of stain and odor removal?
  10. If requested, was a fabric protector applied to safeguard the sofa set against future stains and spills?
  11. Is the sofa set presented in a clean, rejuvenated state, looking and feeling fresh and inviting?
  12. Have clients been consulted to ensure their satisfaction with the sofa set cleaning service?

Types of Sofa Sets We Clean

1. Fabric Sofas:

  • Include various fabric materials such as cotton, linen, polyester, and microfiber.
  • Clean fabric sofas of different colors and patterns.

2. Leather Sofas:

  • Clean and condition leather sofas, including genuine leather and synthetic leather.
  • Address various leather colors and finishes.

3. Suede Sofas:

  • Carefully clean and maintain suede sofas, addressing their unique texture and sensitivity.
  • Offer stain removal and protection for suede upholstery.

4. Sectional Sofas:

  • Expertly clean and refresh sectional sofas of various configurations and sizes.
  • Ensure each section is thoroughly cleaned and coordinated.

5. Loveseats:

  • Provide specialized cleaning for loveseats, ideal for smaller living spaces or as complementary seating.
  • Address different fabric or leather types commonly found in loveseats.

6. Recliners:

  • Clean reclining sofas, including manual and power recliners.
Sofa Set Cleaning Services in Nairobi

Bestcare Cleaning Services is proud to provide professional sofa set cleaning services in Nairobi and sorrounding areas of Kiambu and Machakos. Our professional sofa cleaners make sure that embedded dirt and grit are completely removed from upholstered furniture. They’ve got the tools and expertise to steam clean upholstery and remove stains to leave your home looking clean and fresh.

Our team uses hot water extraction for cleaning domestic upholstery. Also known as steam cleaning, this method is delivered with powerful and efficient equipment. However, our cleaners add some good old-fashioned hard work and attention to detail to ensure that we provide the best possible results after your sofa cleaning.

Do not neglect your sofa set if you want to preserve it for a long time! Bestcare Sofa Set Cleaning Services in Nairobi is there for you! If you would like your home to look brighter, fresher and cleaner, then Bestcare Cleaning Services is the right choice for you! We provide regular cleaning for your mattresses, sofas, carpets and any upholstery material.

Any furniture at your home or your work place could be cleaned professionally, which would increase the time period of their usage. Our job is to provide a top quality service to our clients. We perform Professional Deep Sofa Set Cleaning Services with an extraction method which includes stain, smell and bacteria treatment.

In the preparation process, we make a per-spray on sofas before they get properly washed. Any particular stubborn stains or specific types of material require brushing by hand in order to achieve far more efficient results. We use very powerful machines which heat up the water substance up to 90 degrees. This allows deep cleaning of the material which would make your sofa look as brand new.

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