CCTV Installation Companies in Kenya

Everyone would like to believe that they lives in the safest area possible. However, you might really use some peace of mind the instant your neighbor has a break-in or the moment someone takes your child’s bike. Fortunately, security systems truly do deter would-be thieves. The top security system installers in Kenya have been compiled by our team.

CCTV Installation Companies in Kenya

CCTV Installation Companies in Kenya

1. Bestcare CCTV Installation Services

With the top-of-the-line security camera systems from the top companies in the globe, offered by Bestcare, you can view a remote live feed of security cameras and keep an eye on your property at any time, anywhere using your smartphone, PC, or tablet. Bestcare offers reliable and easy-to-use IP video surveillance and security camera systems as a CCTV installation service in Nairobi.

Tel:  0722 566 999

Location: Mpaka Plaza, Westlands

2. Tdk Solutions Limited

Tdk Solutions Limited offers end-to-end CCTV solutions in Kenya, including sales, designs, and installations of surveillance systems and CCTV cameras. They are able to provide specialized and one-of-a-kind services to fulfill the needs of Individuals, Corporate, industrial CCTV Installation and maintenance, and commercial markets thanks to their broad experience and modern Skilled Engineers.


Call: +254 717 492 458

3. iDeveloper Technologies

The video surveillance devices from iDeveloper are built on cutting-edge technology that are unmatched in the access control and CCTV security systems industries. As a solution, they offer a range of access control systems as well as CCTV Cameras installation in Kenya that not only guarantee improved customer pleasure but also ensure efficiency in the provision of service.

Call: +254 104-102-216


4. Alltech Security Ltd

Kenyan company Alltech Security Ltd is renowned for installing top-notch CCTV systems. They offer a competent technical staff that can manage both straightforward and intricate installations. You may be confident that your installations are being handled by top-notch experts because the company’s employees are renowned for being polite and professional.

Call: 0733-516965

5. Inceptor Technologies

They provide expert installation and repair services for CCTV security systems. Their team of hardware and software engineers installs CCTV systems. They use cutting-edge, creative technology to satisfy your needs for security and video surveillance.

Call: +254 712 369 902


6. TechAccess

Considering TechAccess Solution CCTV Systems is one of the finest choices when trying to secure your family or business in these unsettling times. Their commitment is to your family’s, your home’s, and your company’s safety as you know it, and you also get the greatest value available. Since they only use 2MP and 5MP High Definition cameras, you can be sure that your CCTV system will function when you need it most.

Call: 0708876838


7. Fix Kenya Limited

The company’s crew is made up of highly skilled engineers who will assess your security requirements and recommend the best CCTV solution for your residence or place of business. In Kenya, they have installed CCTV systems for many years. They assess your security, identify its many weaknesses, and then provide you with practical solutions—both CCTV-related and not—to address those weaknesses.

Call: +254 723 278 375

8. Vector Digitals

They provide surveillance solutions that keep a huge number of businesses operating as one of Nairobi’s major providers of security solutions. Their main goal is to provide the best security solution using recognizable and branded items. They are guaranteed to adhere to the most recent industry standards and perform admirably under any type of surveillance at your house or place of employment.

Call: (+254) 757128959

9. Almiria

ICT products are sold by Almiria Techstore in Kenya. In Kenya, the company is a well-known supplier, dealer, and reseller of equipment for computing, networking, power and electrical systems, electronics, telephones, and security. They are experts in trading a wide variety of goods.


Call: +254111042000

10. Caption Digital

Caption Digital design, install, maintain and upgrade a wide range of CCTV solutions to meet businesses’ specific needs and budgets, from large enterprises to local business security platforms, from simple camera solutions for small offices to complex enterprise-class video surveillance systems for large campuses. They provide interior and exterior security camera systems, onsite storage, and video management software from many leading brands.

Call: 020 7903700


11. ZM Engineering

ZM Engineering pays attention to your needs and uses their expertise to create the ideal solution. They do skilled installations and offer attentive repair and upkeep. The company’s work speaks for itself, and they take special pride in serving clients who are extremely delighted because that is what you can anticipate from ZM.

Call: +254 758 511 566


12. Seetec Solutions

For all of your security requirements, Seetec Solutions Kenya is your reliable partner. They focus on providing a variety of security tools and expert CCTV camera installation services. High-end CCTV cameras, DVR/NVR systems, access control options, alarm systems, intercom systems, and smart home security gadgets are among their offerings. The reliability and durability of our goods are prioritized through quality assurance, and our trained technicians offer expert installation services. With experienced advice, ongoing assistance, and reasonable prices, they are dedicated to your safety and security.

14. Mighty Solutions

Mighty Solutions is a business that specializes in the installation and delivery of high-quality, reasonably priced technological solutions with a strong security focus. Their Nairobi, Kenya, headquarters provide security systems throughout East Africa.
They have a diverse clientele that includes, among many others, churches, schools, banks, commercial properties, private residences, and residential estates. They are certified manufacturers and installers of the best-rated technology items in the globe.

Call: 0719-773-257

15. Hubtech

They provide one of the top IT consulting services in Kenya and the rest of East Africa, assisting your company in thriving in the technological world. They are just unmatched when it comes to integrating IT and security solutions into your company. Your needs for the top IT services are met as their pros roll up their sleeves and get to work. To provide you the most recent ICT solutions, they have teamed with the top suppliers of IT hardware and software.

Call: 0780 00 30 75

16. CCTV Solutions

They are the cctv installers in Kenya, Nairobi, and throughout Africa. In addition, they upgrade and maintain all cctv systems in Kenya and Nairobi. Full HD cctv, IP-based cctv installations in Kenya, and internet integrations of all cctv installation kinds are some of their main services. Additionally, they provide and install Airbnb Locks in high security areas around Kenya, including flats, private offices, server rooms, and security rooms.

Call: 0713534009

17. Areaspy

For all of your covert surveillance needs, areaspy specializes in the newest cctv equipment, hidden cctv cameras, home and business security systems. They offer clients all around Kenya security and surveillance solutions. They offer a large assortment of espionage gear, including nanny cameras. They only offer products that have been carefully planned, built, and manufactured using the best materials in accordance with the highest manufacturing standards. They provide genuine technical support from their skilled customer service representatives.

Call: +254 740030496

18. Data Elly ltd

Nairobi-based Data Elly Ltd. is a well-known ICT business. They install, maintain, fix, and offer advice on security systems.
They provide a variety of services. This covers the installation of automatic gates, access control, electric fences, and CCTV. Additionally, they install videophones, intercoms, time attendance systems, backup power systems, and fire prevention systems. They provide more than just security. Their experts are competent and well-trained.
Additionally, they provide consulting services, security system integration, and extensive after-sales support.

Call:  0748859255

19. Metocus

One of the leading technical firm in the purchase and installation of surveillance systems is Metocus. They provide expert CCTV solutions and installation services in Kenya from their Nairobi base. They provide CCTV installation services both in Nairobi and across the entire nation. You have constant access to crucial areas thanks to CCTV. Their professional CCTV Installation serves to repel burglars. They carry out expertly designed CCTV installations for residences, apartments, and commercial buildings. Our clients’ varied needs can be met by their qualified technicians.

Call: +254 770 366 830

20. Kefa Solutions

They combine cutting-edge technology and sophisticated security systems with integrated door access control systems from Kefa Solutions to ensure safety and dependability. They provide innovative choices for installing access control systems that are advantageous to all commercial establishments.

Their installation services for door access control systems can let you rapidly upgrade your commercial doors. You’ll be happy with the outcomes because of their work’s great efficiency and safety. They offer installation services for access control systems in Kenya.

Call: +254 714 668 650

In conclusion,

As more people and organizations realize how important reliable security systems are, there is an increase in the demand for trustworthy and efficient CCTV installation firms in Kenya. Companies like Bestcare Facilities stand out as trustworthy partners in this dynamic environment by offering premium security solutions catered to your particular requirements. These businesses make sure that your peace of mind is their top priority by committing to quality, professionalism, and affordability. In order to protect your house or business, make a prudent choice and invest in a CCTV installation company with a solid track record of success. Nothing less than total security and safety is required.

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