Dog Grooming Companies in Kenya

The importance of dog grooming businesses stands out in Kenya’s thriving pet culture since they not only provide our furry friends with necessary upkeep but also serve as a symbol of the relationship between people and dogs. Dog owners are becoming more aware of the value of giving their cherished four-legged pets the correct grooming as Kenya’s urban landscape continues to change, which has increased demand for professional pet care services. The top dog groomers will be listed in this article.

Dog Grooming Companies in Kenya

Dog Grooming Companies in Kenya

1. Bestcare Dog Grooming Services

Dog grooming in Nairobi at Bestcare facilities includes trimming, hand stripping, scissor work, brushing (but not de-scaling), cleaning ears, clipping nails, washing, and drying. By combining a dog walk or daycare with their dog grooming services, which include a free pick-up and drop-off, they may help relieve some of the stress from your day.


Location: Mpaka Plaza, Westlands

2. The Royal Pets

The Royal Pets

The staff at The Royal Pets enjoys caring for animals and ensuring that they look and feel their best. You can be certain that your pets are in capable, trained, and safety-certified hands from drop-off to pick-up. Additionally, they provide house call dog grooming, which makes it convenient to keep your pet clean in the comfort of their own home. In order to suit the needs of all pets, they provide a range of grooming services. These consist of cleaning up trouble areas, cutting nails, cleaning ears, and more.

Call: +254110064555

Location: 1st North Avenue, Kahawa Sukari

3. Top Dog Groomers

Top dog groomers have been doing their jobs since 2017, and they enjoy every aspect of it. They provide your dogs with the respect, consideration, and care they deserve. Their skilled and knowledgeable staff makes sure that your pet always receives the best care possible. They can work with animals of different sizes and breeds. To guarantee a quality cut, they only use the best, most advanced grooming tools. Additionally, they are the only producers of the best, organic, and potent skincare and health products for your dog.


4. Pets Paradise

To make pet care available to everyone, Pets Paradise has expanded its services to include doggie and cat daycare, boarding, and relocation. Pets have a place to call home on their huge, roomy campus on Kerarapon, where they can feel secure, at ease, and cherished. Through their skilled handlers and groomers, they aim to personalize their relationships with each pet since they recognize that pets are an essential component of the family.


5. Noble Vet Surgeons

They provide a broad range of small animal veterinary medicine through their skilled and experienced team of veterinarians. They provide thorough examinations for puppies and kittens, not only to evaluate their health and wellbeing but also to instruct their owners in the maintenance of the animals for the rest of their lives. In order to keep animals clean and pest-free, they provide grooming services. Due to the fact that noble Veterinary Surgeons is run by individual pet lovers who are passionate about what they do, it differs from other pet boarding facilities.


6. Mobile Pet Spa

Mobile Pet Spa

Mobile Pet Spa Specialists is dedicated to giving your cats and dogs loving care and top-notch pet grooming services. They offer expert services for grooming cats and dogs. They have dedicated themselves to offering the greatest pet grooming services because they have spent their entire life around animals and are aware of how much you love and care for them. Every grooming service your pet will require, from pet nail trimming to a full-service spa treatment, may be provided by their highly qualified pet groomers.


7. Small Five Vet Clinic

They provide care for domestic animals, farm animals, and even wildlife. The creator of Small Five Vet Clinic formerly worked for Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), which is where the small animal clinic is located. In an emergency, a certified ambulance guarantees safe and efficient transportation. They are only a phone call away if you require a home visit. The clinic offers all the resources required to guarantee your pet receives exceptional care, including one of the few digital x-rays in the nation. For all services, there are set prices. They provide dental care, digital X-rays, and grooming services.

Call: 0702 624 945

8. Celestial Star

One of Nairobi, Kenya’s friendliest, kindest, and most skilled pet grooming and care service providers is Celestial Star Cleaning Services. They are PET GROOMERS who provide services including coat trimming, flea and tick baths, sanitary claw clipping, baths (shampoo, dry, bath), and haircuts or shaving.
The length of a grooming session might range from two to four hours, depending on the sort of service you select.

In order to appropriately meet your pet’s individual needs, they undertake a hand-on pet evaluation, looking at your pet’s skin, coat, ears, nails, and teeth while making note of any behavioral needs and health issues.

Call: 0726 480898

9. Pet Village

Pet Village was founded out of a sincere love for cats and dogs. The Pet Village was founded by Mr. Karanja as a small pet salon, and it expanded from there. They provide up-to-date, skilled pet grooming spa services, daycare, and boarding facilities that include: Annual doctor appointments and vaccinations; Daily exercise and fun; and Dog socializing.
They have plenty of room (and companions!) for play, hugs, and splash pad dives. Each dog and cat receives individualized care from the more than 15 full-time expert staff members.

Call: +254(0) 725 709 445

10. Yoani Yapperville

A competent, roomy kennel setup that catered to long-term boarders was much needed in Kenya. Yoani Yapperville was born in April 2010 thanks to Anita’s kenneling expertise, her love of little animals, and the space that was available on the 5000-acre farm of Stanley & Son Limited. Yoani Yapperville once just had 8 enormous dog kennels. They currently have 29 cat enclosures and 43 dog kennels.
They handle the import and export of pets as the FIRST Members of IPATA (International Pet and Animal Transport Association) in Kenya.

Call: +254 722 732 547

11.  Suzie Pet Grooming

Their grooming is pet-centered, and they are primarily concerned with your pet’s comfort. They recognize your concern for your pet’s welfare. It’s critical to feel confident that your pet is in the hands of grooming experts when you drop it in for service. You can have peace of mind knowing that Suzie’s Place’s skilled pet groomers have been doing what they do best for years. You don’t have to leave your pet at the facility in the morning and wait all day to pick them up. They prefer appointment times that are convenient for you and your pet since they like working with you and your pet!

Call: 0721 598 175

12. Karanja Pets Grooming

Because caring for and loving pets allows you to be in a great state of mind, Karanja believes owning pets is more advantageous to us than it is to them. Since he was five years old, he has kept Pomeranians, and I still do today, along with, of course, rescue dogs.
They provide a modern daycamp and boarding facility with top-notch grooming spa services.
They make sure that both their long-term and short-term clients enjoy their time with them by engaging in games, hikes, and other enjoyable activities.
His work incorporates enjoyment, assiduity, and, most importantly, a hypocritical-free zone.

Location:  Lower Kabete

13. Dave Grooms

Dave is a University of Nairobi student studying veterinary medicine and surgery. He really likes being able to help them whenever they need it.
He has a male half-GSD, half-Chihuahua dog. Although he is still very responsible and can be rather silent at times, he plays around a lot with everyone at home. superb a buddy.
He is a veterinarian in addition to being dependable and enthusiastic about what he does. Dave enjoys his work most when he is actually doing it.

14. Ash Pet Care

Ash, a student who is now pursuing a career in veterinary medicine, like animals and enjoys being around them.
He is familiar with a wide range of animals, and his education as a veterinarian student has given him knowledge of animal health and illness issues as well as the best practices for animal welfare, assuring the animals’ comfort to the greatest extent feasible.
working with the clients and the animals. establishing a reliable connection and employing his abilities effectively.

Location: Uthiru, Nairobi

15. Robbie Pet Grooming

Although Robbie won’t give his services a grade, the numbers will do so. He promises to devote all of his time and attention to making sure the pets are not harmed by the owner’s absence.
The teamwork and mutual understanding that come with the job are exceptional. In addition, it’s entertaining to have to spend time with a good pet. He finds the most enjoyment in that.

Location:  Ruaka, Kiambu County

To conclude,

The importance of devoted dog grooming businesses is a witness to our devotion to our cherished friends as the bond between humans and dogs increases in Kenya. The services they provide significantly improve our dogs’ emotional and physical wellbeing in addition to improving their outward appearance. Take into account the information provided here as a foundation while you explore the world of dog grooming businesses in Kenya.


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