Borehole Drilling Companies in Kenya

Borehole drilling companies in Kenya emerge as the unsung heroes, fulfilling the nation’s desire for this life-sustaining resource in a country where water is as precious as the air we breathe. As over 70% of Kenya’s population struggles with water scarcity, these businesses hold the key to opening up a wealth of opportunities.

Imagine opening a portal to an underground realm where the promise of copious water flows, providing relief to both people and crops. Borehole drilling companies act as the builders of hope, creating roads to prosperity and securing a future in which water scarcity is a thing of the past as the demand for this liquid gold continues to soar.

Borehole Drilling Companies in Kenya

Borehole Drilling Companies in Kenya

1. Bestcare Borehole Drilling Services

In the entire nation, Bestcare Services is a top supplier of geotechnical drilling solutions. Bestcare Services will offer you the bespoke and tailored service that you need for your site investigation, whether it be for a small stadium project or a large city basement. With their clean, compact drilling equipment, they can even drill water boreholes in cramped urban areas in the country. Each project is distinct, so their pricing is tailored to fit each unique system. With these, you are aware of the value of your purchase.

Tel:  0722 566 999

Location: Mpaka Plaza, Westlands

2. Vajra Drill Ltd

Vajra Drill Ltd

Outstanding drilling services are provided in Kenya and East Africa by Vajra Drill Limited. They offer test pumping and drilling services that are reasonably priced to their customers. Additionally, the business is a top borehole driller in the fields of ground water, exploration, and construction. Down the Hole – DTH Drilling, Mud Rotary Drilling, Geo-Physical Surveys, Hydro Geological Mapping, and Water Yield Testing are among the services they offer.


Location: Ramco Court Building, Room 1

3. Almak Aqua Drillers

A water drilling company in Kenya with a plethora of experience in drilling holes is called Almak Aqua Drillers. Their goal is to offer high-quality, sanitary water and long-lasting, easily managed boreholes. The Ministry of Water and Irrigation has recognized them as a Class “A” water contractor. With over 400 boreholes completed for businesses, organizations, and different people, you can be sure that their quality stands out and guarantees that their clients receive the most value for their money.


Location: Emmak Court, Parklands Road.

4. Sparr Drilling

Since its establishment in 1994, Sparr Drilling Company Limited has specialized in digging water boreholes. From big commercial and industrial properties to domestic and agricultural holdings, Sparr Drilling has established a strong reputation in the water supply borehole market. They are experts in tank installation, borehole drilling and installation, drilling equipment and mobilization, borehole test pumping and installation, and geotechnical drilling services.


Location: Lucky Summer Road

5. Kisima Drilling (E.A.) Ltd

In Kenya, Kisima Drilling (E.A.) Ltd was founded in June 2006. For the past 20 years, Kisima Drilling has been conducting business in India under a different name. The art of drilling is something they have mastered. They solely prioritize quality and client happiness and are constantly searching for the best option at a very reasonable cost. They create boreholes ranging in diameter from 6″ to 12″. They have good equipment and knowledgeable, experienced staff. Additionally, they are Kenya’s sole distributors of Livpure water purifiers.


 6. Aquadeep Drilling Solutions

Aquadeep is a member of several chambers of commerce and well drillers associations, which guarantees that their education and expertise are current. In addition to designing and building boreholes, its Engineering Division also provides a full variety of ancillary services for boreholes, including pump and control system supply, installation, and management contracts, borehole refurbishment or decommissioning, and borehole surveying. They provide the following goods: Water sample analysis, test pumping, flushing, borehole drilling, and installing submersible pumps.

phone: 0718 637447

7. Grekkon Limited

Grekkon Limited, a fully-owned African company, was founded in 2013 by knowledgeable agronomists in Nairobi, Kenya. Since then, the company has expanded and has worked on projects in Kenya, Nigeria, Somalia, Tanzania, and Uganda. The company focuses on greenhouses and irrigation.

Additionally, they offer the installation of drip and sprinkler irrigation systems, the building of greenhouses and shade structures, pump installations, dam lining, and borehole drilling. With offices in Nairobi, Eldoret, and Nyeri, they provide inexpensive borehole drilling throughout the country.


Location: Amrash Business Park, Utawala

8. Wotech Kenya

Engineers Wotech Kenya Limited specializes in providing water solutions. Their personnel is made up of knowledgeable and experienced individuals from the public, private, and industrial sectors who provide a range of services for project consulting, installation, commissioning, and maintenance contracts. Numerous industrial and commercial enterprises have tested their products’ and services’ reliability. They cherish their clients and work hard to keep their satisfaction levels at the best possible level.

Phone: +254 720 528 274

Location: Savla Plaza, Mogotio Road

9. RTSC Ltd

Rana Team Services Company Limited, specializes in BoreHole Drilling Services as well as the Supply & Installation of Conrete Products. The company has taken on a number of difficult projects over the years and built up expertise in borehole design and build solutions, project management services, building trades, and related engineering work.

They put value and quality first in everything they do. No matter how big or little the work, their team of highly qualified, committed, and customer-focused professionals can offer you sound professional expertise and assistance.

Phone: 0734 333 9999

10. Simba Drilling

Simba Drilling Company is committed to supplying the area’s properties with water. They have a skilled workforce that works hard to provide you with safe, clean water, and they are well-equipped to manage both little and major operations. They have been drilling boreholes for more than ten years. In addition to drilling boreholes, they also provide ground source heating, borehole prognosis, private water supply, water treatment, pumping test, pumping installation, and well maintenance services.


Location: West End Tower

11. Borehole Masters

For many years, one of Kenya’s top companies offering borehole services has been Borehole Masters (doing business as Tadem Engineering Ltd.). By utilizing the most recent borehole drilling technology and equipment, they offer a top-notch borehole drilling service to the industrial, commercial, and domestic markets. They perform Geo-technical, Symmetric, and Core Drilling. Over 200 boreholes have been sunk by them all over the nation. They create steel tanks and towers, install submersible electric pumps, solar pumps, and hand pumps, and perform thorough maintenance and servicing on already-existing boreholes. Their contemporary 6×6 trucks enable them to travel to isolated locations, and they are also readily available in critical situations.


12. Apex Boreholes

Apex Boreholes & Engineering Co. began operations in 2010 with the goal of offering trustworthy water services. With years of experience in borehole drilling and other water services in Kenya and overseas, they have a staff of water and civil engineers. After carefully considering the client’s water needs, they offer a solution that may include a borehole, shallow wells, geo-membrane ponds, or raised tanks, depending on the available funds.
They specialize in water works such as lined (geo-membrane) water ponds, borehole drilling services, borehole pump installations, hydro geological surveys, Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), and other water works.


13. Benax Solar

Benax Solar is pleased to offer first-rate services for a range of requirements relating to the installation of borehole pumps, solar pumping, solar water heaters, water treatment, generators, and more. They are prepared to manage a wide range of projects, from modest domestic installations to complex commercial systems, thanks to their in-depth expertise and experience.

Call: 0716665660

14. Raeli Hydro

They are a vibrant crew that expertly handles the installation of solar systems, pump systems, and all of your borehole needs. They strive to provide consumers with top-notch services at fair market rates. At Raeli Hydro, they have the capacity and knowledge necessary to meet all of your drilling needs.
They have built a strong reputation as a top-notch service provider throughout time, utilizing cutting-edge technology and customer-centered company practices. To keep current and provide services that are both respected internationally and compliant with local norms, they collaborate with other industry participants.

Call: 0700 666888

15. Basil Drilling Company

With a solid management team, basil drilling is glad to announce that they are among the top drillers in Nairobi, Kenya. Chief Financial Officer Mr. N. Sumit and Managing Director Mr. N. Amit are the main contributors to this success. Their current personnel is 47, and it has been raised as needed. Their employees always offer their best effort because they have received the necessary technical and professional training for their positions. In and around Kenya, BASIL has finished more than 400 boreholes for domestic, industrial, and agricultural needs.

Call: +254 721 838 855

16. Diali Drilling Limited

Diali Drilling Limited specializes in offering agricultural enterprises, businesses, and residential borehole drilling services. They work hard to deliver the greatest level of service at the most competitive prices since they are aware that finding a trustworthy and professional drilling business can be challenging. Their staff of skilled and trained experts has years of industry experience and a dedication to giving the best service. To ensure that the job is done correctly the first time, every time, they use the most recent technology and tools.

Call: +254 724 640 059



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