Water Tank Cleaning Companies in Kenya

Tanks are essential in a wide range of industries, from agriculture and industry to oil and gas, due to the ever-increasing demand for the transportation, storage, and distribution of liquids. In light of this, tank cleaning businesses in Kenya have developed into crucial allies, using cutting-edge technology and know-how to keep these vital containers clean, functional, and compliant with regulations. The top tank cleaners are listed in this article.

Water Tank Cleaning Companies in Kenya

Bestcare Tank Cleaning Services

1. Bestcare Tank Cleaning Services

Bestcare Services has developed into one of Nairobi’s most prosperous, active, and effective cleaning service providers. They provide unrivaled customer service, dependability, and levels of care that have become industry norms.  No matter what kind of waste management service you need—effective septic tank cleaning, grease trap upkeep, or anything else—their qualified crew is prepared to provide top-notch results that satisfy your needs. They are committed to introducing only reputable, upstanding, and qualified cleaners to their customers.

Email: info@bestcareservices.co.ke

Location: Mpaka Plaza, Westlands

2. Kitank Cleaning

Tank Cleaning Companies in Kenya

By deploying and using the greatest cleaning tools and supplies, Kitank Cleaning offers one of the top water tank cleaning services in Kenya, guaranteeing that your tank is spotless. To supply you with fresh, clean water, they have years of experience in cleaning and sanitizing home, commercial, and industrial water tanks.

They provide a variety of maintenance services in addition to cleaning your tank to keep it in peak shape. To keep your tank in good working order, these services include routine inspections, repairs, and treatments.

Call: 0729 735 245

3. Restore Services

Restore Services

They are unmatched experts at handling everything, from poly water tanks to plastic water storage equipment. Having worked in the industry for a while, they can now identify the problem with your water tank with ease and then repair it using the methods we are best at, eliminating all of your worries and concerns right away.

In addition, their practical experience has given us a sharp eye for the most durable water storage materials and their price points. Trust Re-store with the details; they are knowledgeable and happy to demonstrate their expertise. You can expect to only receive the greatest equipment at the best price there.

Email: info@restoreservices.co.ke

Location: Donholm Phase 5

4. Hydroklean Solutions

Hydroklean Solutions

Safe technological Concepts are used by Hydroklean Solutions, a company that cleans and disinfects drinking water storage tanks that are located both above ground and underground. They use authorized anti-bacterial chemicals in conjunction with unique processes. Hydroklean Solutions, in contrast to traditional water tank cleaning, ensures complete and quicker cleaning for even the oldest and neglected tanks. For tanks with an average volume of up to 30,000 liters, the complete cleaning procedure takes just about an hour, and the tanks are thereafter safe and healthy for the ensuing three months.

Email: info@hydrokleansolutions.co.ke

Location: Outering Road,Nairobi

5. Janeson

The Janeson Service Providers team has extensive knowledge and expertise in cleaning all kinds of water tanks. They also clean all other sorts of water tanks, including GPRS sectionalized panel tanks, fiberglass, concrete tanks, stainless steel tanks, and polyethylene tanks, in addition to cleaning standard water tanks. Their services are highly regarded in the market for their dependability and punctuality. Their services are offered throughout Nairobi and the surrounding areas.

Email: services@janeson.co.ke

6. Hueza

A water and environmental company goes by the name Hueza. They offer a wide range of services for cleaning water tanks, eco-waste water treatment, and rehabilitation services. Their portfolio includes hotels, residential, educational, healthcare, and commercial structures as well as government, industrial, and research facilities. To provide a clean, healthy environment, they clean and disinfect water tanks, derust and coat steel tanks, waterproof and apply the special coating, dredge, and clean fuel tanks, dose grease traps, septic tanks, and wastewater biotreatment.

Email: hello@hueza.com

7. Solcity Cleaning

To keep your tanks clean and in top shape, Solcity Cleaning provides expert tank cleaning services. We must maintain these tanks in good condition so they may function as effectively as possible, whether they are storage containers for water, fuel, or septic waste. That is why using Solcity tank cleaning service is essential.

All sorts of tanks are the focus of Solcity Cleaning Services’ cleaning and maintenance services. They will completely clean and maintain your tank using specialist tools and methods. They can also provide you with advice on how to keep your tank clean and avert potential problems.

Email: info@solcitycleaning.co.ke

Location: Coffee Plaza Nairobi CBD

8. Nairobi City Pest

If you see a problem with your water tank, you can contact Nairobi City Pest Technologies. Their service is provided by qualified plumbers who will clean it up and install it without leaking. Their cleaning techniques are cost-efficient, reliable, and safe. They manage the entire procedure. Due to the cleaning work they conduct, you don’t have to bother about fixing anything.

Call: 0757124210

Email: info@nairobipestcontrol.co.ke

9. Water Tank Repair

Their goal is to satisfy customers by offering the best expert water tank services. They specialize in water tank services include plumbing, water tank cleaning, and repair and restoration of damaged water tanks. Since they have been in this industry for more than six years, they are among the best. In order to meet their consumers’ demands and leave them satisfied, they have been to various counties in Kenya. By utilizing the most cutting-edge cleaning tools and materials, they give you the best water tank cleaning service in Kenya and guarantee that your tank is spotless.

Call: +254790326489

10. Kasindi Holdings

Professional water tank cleaning services are offered by Kasindi Holdings LTD to help you preserve the integrity of your water storage systems and advance the health and wellbeing of your residents. Your water tanks will be properly cleaned and clear of impurities thanks to their knowledge and cutting-edge machinery.
A secure water supply depends on keeping water tanks clean and sanitary. You may rely on Kasindi Holdings LTD’s skilled water tank cleaning services to fully clean and disinfect your water storage systems. They guarantee great outcomes with their skilled crew, state-of-the-art machinery, and dedication to quality.

Call: +254 20 20430599

11. Rafiki Pest Control

The innovative organization Rafiki Pest Control revolutionizes your experience with pest control and cleaning services. They create a home for you, they never go, they are always a part of you. By employing user-friendly equipment and minimizing the use of chemicals during the cleaning process, their professionals ensure your tank remains free of dangerous substances. They observe what is happening at the water tank base and, if necessary, send a diver into the storage tank to assess the situation.

12. Spraying Systems Co

The most successful producer of spray nozzles in the world is called Spraying Systems Co. They have the correct nozzle for your application thanks to their tens of thousands of standard goods, and they dispatch the majority of them in only one day.
With automated tank cleaning solutions from Spraying Systems Co., you can minimize downtime and enhance worker safety. They may also streamline your tank cleaning processes to increase effectiveness and save operating costs. For any industry, they provide tank cleaning solutions.

Call: +254729107600

13. Safitime cleaning services

A professional cleaning service, Safitime Cleaning Services, is dedicated to maintaining a clean atmosphere in both residential and business settings.
Current professional cleaning services offered by Safitime Cleaning Services include office cleaning, cleaning of building sites, cleaning of apartments, cleaning of high-access areas, cleaning of homes, cleaning of automobile interiors, equipment sales, and other cleaning services. They run a business where every customer is treated like family. customers are constantly prioritized by them, and their enjoyment stems from their satisfaction.

Call: +254 745 491710

14. Insta Repairs

They are committed to helping each of their clients uphold the highest standards of cleanliness and have years of experience in the field of water tank cleaning. Their services are constantly accessible close by. Their services are offered throughout Nairobi and the surrounding areas. They maintain your water supply fresh and your tank spotless at a competitive price. Insta Repairs is a company you can always rely on. In addition to cleaning standard water tanks, they also clean different types of tanks, including fiberglass, concrete, stainless steel, and polyethylene tanks as well as GPRS sectionalized panel tanks.

Call: 0716415418

15. Crystal Clean

The field services team at Crystal Clean provides tank cleaning services so that they may serve as your one-stop shop for all of your industrial tank cleaning and maintenance requirements. As a turnkey provider of environmental services, their staff will take care of the planning, equipment procurement, cleaning method, and waste management required to guarantee the project is completed safely and in accordance with all local, state, and federal standards. Their field services team is equipped to handle jobs of any size, and their licensed restricted space entry technicians are ready to oversee your project from start to finish in a safe and effective manner.


To conclude,

It’s critical to thoroughly consider the companies mentioned above whether you’re a business looking for effective tank maintenance or a person interested in the expansion of the sector. Each business, from well-known market giants to up-and-coming competitors, adds something distinctive to Kenya’s industrial tapestry. Making an educated selection and assisting in the further advancement of Kenya’s industrial and infrastructure development are both possible by taking the time to investigate and evaluate these businesses.


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