Gardening Companies in Kenya

Landscapes and other elements are significant since they considerably improve our quality of life and well-being. Our sense of well-being is improved by residing in aesthetically beautiful and culturally significant surroundings. We will provide a list of the top businesses in this article.

Gardening Companies in Kenya

Gardening Companies in Kenya

1. Bestcare Gardening Services

Bestcare maintains your flowers throughout the year by mowing, trimming, and planting them. They offer a variety of flower designs so you may select what you like. They constantly assess your surroundings to provide garden and landscape ideas that complement and enliven your house or place of work.

The following gardening and landscaping services are provided by them: Maintenance of Indoor Plants, Periodic Manure and Nutrition Application, Hard Landscaping Services, which often include the construction of parking lots, steps to entrances, courtyard paving, fencing, and boundaries.

Tel:  0722 566 999

Location: Mpaka Plaza, Westlands

2. GM Cleaning Services

With their qualified staff, GM delivers high-quality, individually tailored landscaping services to meet your demands. They provide low maintenance landscaping suggestions, especially if money is short. Even if you didn’t do any landscaping with them, they also provide garden upkeep services.

Phone: 0721979781


 3. Aquascapes

With the aid of aquascapes, you may turn your thoughts into lovely landscapes and gardens. With the help of seasoned landscape architects, you may get imaginative landscaping suggestions that are thoroughly researched for your locale and can help you complete your tasks quickly.

Phone: +254 725 144017


4. Lariak Landscapes Ltd

From conception to completion, Lariak Landscapes Ltd.’s services include landscape architecture, environmental planning, and management. They are a reputable option for landscaping because they are a UN Global Compact member. Their team comprises of administrators, landscape architects, site supervisors, and landscape technicians capable of undertaking any tasks.

Phone: +254729987935


5. Lupe Evergreen Gardens

Both residential and commercial landscaping is their area of expertise. Along with landscaping, they also provide garden management and planning. Additionally, they provide decorations made out of plants and greenery, outdoor plants, indoor plants, rock gardening, and grass planting and trimming.

Phone: 0725903273


6. Karen Scapes

They have been engaged in landscaping for more than 20 years. Professional landscape design and installation services are offered, and they place a strong emphasis on client satisfaction. Both private and business clients can count on them for a professional service.

Phone: +254 722 658 749


7. Ecoscapes Landscape Architecture

For clients in a variety of locations, including the arid Langata, the wet Kiambu, and the humid coastal regions, Ecoscapes has created both residential and commercial gardens. To make sure that their clients’ every want is granted, they collaborate closely with them.

Phone: +254(0)795617185


8. Amazing Grace Landscapers

Professional landscape design and installation services are offered, and they place a strong emphasis on client satisfaction. They make sure to meet and, ideally, surpass the expectations of their clients by providing services such as lawn care, irrigation systems, tree trimming and removal, retaining wall installation, mulching, and weed control. Additionally, they provide services for Indigenous Gardens, Garden Lighting, and Floral Decoration.

Phone: +254 723 365 797


9. HameliaK Landscapers

Kenyan businesses, hotels, offices, and homes can all benefit from the landscaping services and plants provided by HameliaK Landscapers. Consultation, plant upkeep, individualized service plans, enhanced watering techniques, rehabilitation of plants and planters for space layout, and post-sale services are among the services offered.

Phone: +254712350942


10. White Concrete Creations

White Concrete Creations is a client-focused landscaping business with a focus on lawn and garden upkeep. Red Soil & Seedlings, Cabro Pavements, and Lawn Mowing & Care are further services provided.

Phone: +254 710 891 895


11. Arrow Facilities Management ltd

They work on both domestic and substantial commercial projects, and they design, deliver, build, and manage gardens all around Nairobi and the neighboring areas. For year-round garden maintenance, they also provide full-service Outdoor Maintenance plans. Their skilled landscaping team is available to come to your garden once a week, once a month, or once every three months.

Phone: 0714 445566

12. Colnet Limited

Colnet Limited, a company founded in 1996, offers sanitary services, fumigation, pest control, cleaning and hospitality, waste management, and sanitary services in Kenya. They collaborate with their residential, commercial, and industrial clients as well as the areas they serve to deliver top-notch services by delivering consumers the best services possible through qualified people, leveraging flexibility and incentives that promote quality and efficiency, and using the best available technology. They have skilled ground workers who are well-versed in field landscaping. Their gardening services were classified as follows: care of indoor plants, upkeep of outdoor plants, and horticultural services.

Call: +254721566140


13. Karen Scapes

In 1990, KAREN LANDSCAPING SERVICES LTD. was established. John K. Wainaina, the director, registered it in 2000 after obtaining the necessary skills and experience in landscaping and environmental concerns.Since its founding, the company has steadily taken on a variety of projects of various sizes, including residential communities, institutions, hospitals, office buildings, and hotels, among others.

The firm’s policy is to closely collaborate with other specialists and to consult the client on any given project in order to get the job done as effectively as possible. Karen Scapes is a Design-Build company. This means that your entire project stays in our expert hands, from concept to completion. Your project will be designed by experts, and installed by experts, all of whom are part of the same cohesive team.

Call:  +254 722 658749

14. Kamtex Cleaners

Among the many garden landscaping and gardening services provided by Kamtex Cleaners are fences, patios, lawn mowing, planting, hedge cutting, and other services. They have a great deal of experience with gardens of various sizes, suitable for clients who are residential or commercial.

They are passionate about designing exquisite outdoor landscapes that properly suit the tastes and goals of their clientele. Their landscapers perform their work to the greatest standards, choosing premium products with care to guarantee enduring quality. They provide regular visits as well as same-day service delivery.

Call: +254 780 275 465

15. Asepsis Ltd

Asepsis Ltd. is a leader in commercial lawn care and landscaping services in Kenya. From basic lawn care to total landscape design, they’re the one-source provider for all your landscape needs. All designs are done by fully qualified landscape architects. They have access to a wide range of plants and flowers. They have an interdisciplinary team made up of agronomists, engineers, landscape architects, cost accountants, and environmentalists.

Call: +254111050911

16. Ythera

A Kenyan online floral and gift business called Ythera offers lovely gift suggestions for any occasion. They turn open areas into gorgeous landscapes by fusing practicality and beauty to produce a stunning setting that matches your concept. To keep your outside spaces looking lively and well-maintained, their committed team of professionals offers routine garden maintenance services. Pruning, weeding, fertilizing, and lawn care are among the jobs they do. In order to guarantee that your plants receive the proper amount of water, fostering healthy growth and effective water use, they provide skilled irrigation system installation and maintenance.

Call: 0710 558 855

17. Riverscape Designs & Landscaping Services

A reputable landscaping business with years of experience, Riverscape Designs & Landscaping Services is situated in Nairobi. With the pool of skilled and experienced human resources at their disposal, their clients can expect a professional result and nothing is out of the question. They provide complete landscape design and garden building services. In order to keep gardens looking attractive, they design, install, and maintain them, making them a “one-stop shop.” Riverscape Designs & Landscaping Services will create a landscape or garden that is unique, eco-friendly, user-friendly, sustainable, affordable, and useful.

Call: +254 735313270

18. Fresh Grounds Landscapers

Fresh Grounds Landscapers, a landscape design firm in Nairobi, will assist you in converting disused portions of your home into lovely, useful places that are ideal for unwinding and hosting gatherings for your friends and family. Your needs for landscaping in Kenya will be met by their skilled landscapers in Nairobi, regardless of whatever area you want to change.
Their landscaping services in Nairobi are offered for both interior and outdoor landscaping. They have the know-how to handle everything from softscape, such as gardens and flowerbeds, to hardscape, including the design and installation of various hardscapes.

Call: +254 (0) 724 675503

19. Imperial Services

In order to assist you in transforming your outdoor area into a lush and colorful paradise, Imperial Services takes great delight in providing top-notch gardening solutions. They are committed to exceeding your expectations and realizing your garden goals with their expert staff and commitment to quality. Imperial Services is aware of how time-consuming and difficult it can be to maintain a lovely landscape. Their professional gardening services can help with that. Whether you have a tiny backyard or a large estate, they provide a wide selection of services to meet all of your gardening needs.

Call: 0722466091

20. Unique Landscapes Limited

The team at Unique Landscapes Limited is committed to offering top-notch landscaping services and goods. Please do not hesitate to contact them if you have any questions, project requests, or if you’d like to talk about your landscaping needs. Their crew is prepared to help you and make your dream of a landscape a reality.
They are dedicated to giving clients the greatest services, modern methods, information, and landscape designs through their experienced landscapers, who have more than 12 years of experience in all facets of landscaping.

To conclude,

These Gardening Companies in Kenya are the epitome of knowledge, commitment, and a green thumb. Consider the wide range of services these businesses provide as you begin your gardening adventure in order to transform your outside areas into stunning havens. Whether you’re an experienced gardener or a novice, these businesses have your back and will make sure your garden receives the care and attention it needs to thrive. Now is the moment to let these gardening specialists take care of your outdoor haven with their dedication to quality.

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