Landscaping and Gardening Services in Nairobi Kenya

As a sophisticated piece of art, a landscape project requires thorough attention to detail with our landscaping and gardening services in Nairobi Kenya in order to exceed every client’s expectation. Here at Bestcare Services, we turn your dream garden and landscape design into a reality for your domestic and commercial spaces.

Landscaping cost estimate is provided per project after a survey done by our experienced and fully-equipped landscapers. We work with your budget to provide the following services:

  • Soft landscaping
  • Hard landscaping
  • Lawn mowing
  • Garden maintenance both indoor and outdoor
  • Pruning
  • Hedging
  • Mulching

What Does Landscaping and Gardening Services in Nairobi Kenya include?

We offer professional landscaping services that help us advice if your space will require construction or not to offer either soft landscaping or hard landscaping.

Soft landscaping

Also known as soft scaping, it includes the planting of shrubs, soil preparation, tree surgery services, turfing and artificial grass installation. Indoor and outdoor plants are included in this level of landscaping.

Hard landscaping

Also known as hardscaping, this usually comprises the car parking areas, Steps to Entrance, Courtyard Paving, building raising flower beds and garden repairs. Any garden construction work is covered in this category.

You can combine hard and soft landscaping services for your spaces especially when planning a makeover.

Tree surgery

We handle any of your tree shaping, tree removal, land clearing and stump grinding needs in a prompt and professional. Damaged or dead trees can threaten lives or destroy your high value of properties. Protect your home or business from dangerous trees.

Gardening maintenance Services in Nairobi Kenya

We offer the following garden maintenance services:

In- depth flower bed maintenance

Bed maintenance refers to the ground cover maintenance of your land. It includes tasks such as shifting twigs, stray leaves, and branches. It also involves removing debris, trimming, weeding and pruning the ground cover, and uprooting

Lawn mowing, protection and Bed edging

It is a detailed cleaning service of the ground. Mowing the grass and dividing it, perennial trimming, and mulch raking are a few edging services. No one likes to see all the cluttered heaps of leaves on the ground. This is really important if you have the desire to have an exemplary maintained lawn.

The lawn protects and feed service refers to the protective measures taken against some plant diseases such as brown patches, grubs, and fungal growths. These are time taking services that take 6 to 7 steps for completion and have to be performed during the ideal month of the year. We at Best Care Services love your lawn and we give the best and we provide periodic manure and nutrition for your plants.


Pruning simply refers to the process of chopping off dead and decayed leaves from the plants. Pruning or trimming is a momentous service that needs to be performed during the correct time of the year depending upon the type of plant. This allows the plants to bloom and we as professionals, have methodical pruning tools that provide levelled pruning services in Nairobi for specific species of plants.


Hedging refers to trimming down a plant in a geometrical shape which gives an appealing look to the yard of the landscape owner. In fact, there are plant species that cannot be hedged without professionals and this is one of our star service packages.

Irrigation system

This is the most important landscaping service for a garden as it ensures life and bloom of your precious plants. The irrigation system is determined by the design of the landscape layout and we are master landscape designers in Kenya.


Complete Your Project With Bestcare Landscaping and Gardening Services

  1. Get in touch with us on(+254) 725 548 383 / (+254) 722 566 999 or email us on
  2. A survey will then be conducted on an agreed date by a professional landscaper where you can both talk through your garden vision.
  3. A detailed quote will then be forwarded to you in 3 to 5 working days that will work with your budget.
  4. If you are happy with the price quote, we’ll arrange another appointment, this time for the actual garden landscaping service.

Why choose Our Landscaping and Gardening Services in Nairobi Kenya?

  1. Accessibility to our expertise from anywhere in Kenya. We are able to come to where you are and deliver the best garden for you.
  2. Expertise in soil and plants as well as different landscapes per terrain. We have done home balconies, outdoor gardens, lobbies and lounges and ensure that our plants have thrived in your space while being aesthetically pleasing.
  3. A personalized service with round the clock customer service.
  4. We are an affordable landscaping company within the country Kenya. Get your quote from us.

How Often Do You Need Gardening Services in Nairobi Kenya

Most landscapers and garden maintenance companies can provide a flexible schedule depending on your gardening needs. When starting with a new gardener, it’s vital to explain what exactly you want and expect to be done.

If you consider regular garden maintenance, which can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly, you should be aware that not every gardening work can be performed in bad weather, especially when raining. Once you share with the gardener your needs and expectations, depending on the size of the garden, the professional can help you estimate the frequency of the visits.

You also should agree with the gardeners about how and when they’ll be paid. Some gardeners and gardening companies prefer cash payment while others accept only to be paid by card. You should also be aware that any gardening goods, such as plants, seeds, etc. need to be paid extra, and the weekly/monthly payments may not be the same every time.

Cost of Landscaping and Gardening Services in Nairobi Kenya

The cost of landscaping and gardening services in Nairobi Kenya vary depending on many factors mainly the size of the gardening. Bestcare offers affordable prices from Ksh. 5, 000 to Ksh 50, 000 for gardening services and Ksh. 10, 000 to Ksh. 200, 000 for a landscape design. All prices are negotiable.


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