Bed Bugs Control Services in Nairobi

With years of experience offering bed bugs fumigation and control services in Nairobi Kenya, we have mastered the art of totally eradicating the bed bugs from your home or office.

We are fully licensed to offer the bed bugs fumigation and control services in Nairobi. We also use safe eco-friendly products approved by the Kenya Pest Control Products board. Therefore you and pets are totally safe with our services.

bed bugs control services in Nairobi

The best bed bug pest treatment would require extensive preparation and an experienced bed bug extermination team like us. Preparing the premises for treatment is the first step in bed bug elimination.

All fabrics and clothes must be washed at high temperatures and packed in plastic bags or containers. Clutter must be cleared to eliminate hiding places and allow our bed bug removal experts easy access.

Bed Bugs Fumigation Cost in Nairobi Kenya

The cost of bed bugs fumigation will depend on the size of house, client’s location and level of infestation.

The table below provides price estimates for bed bugs control services in Nairobi Kenya. Site survey are neccessary for offices and big houses. The PRICES ARE NOT FIXED. Kindly request a free quotation 0722 566 999.

Size of the HouseCost/Price
1 bedroomKSh. 3,000
2 bedroomKSh. 3,500
3 bedroomKSh. 4,000
4 bedroomKSh. 4,500

Residential Bed Bugs Control Services

Our domestic bed bugs control services in Nairobi and the surrounding areas of Kiambu and Machakos includes a thorough inspection and risk assessment of your property, as well as a customized approach to bed insect elimination using chemical and non-chemical treatments. For best results we combine professional-use-only insecticide spray with targeted super-heated dry steam treatment or heat with hot air.

We provide aftercare with our bed bug prevention programs, as well as post-treatment monitoring, once an infestation has been cleared. We do extensive and detailed inspections and risk assessments, checking all possible hideouts linked with furniture in all rooms and manually removing live bed bugs and eggs throughout the examination. Due to the potential of spreading bed bugs in untreated areas, we strongly recommend treating the entire property for optimal efficiency. We provide substantial discounts for entire properties and subsequent services.

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