Cooker Repair Companies In Nairobi Kenya

Cooker repairs and maintenance can be challenging, especially if you lack the necessary skills. It’s crucial to avoid the traps of experts-in-waiting who can make things worse. Furthermore, there is a chance of being overcharged by unskilled workers. Before entrusting the repair of your appliance, do an extensive investigation. To effectively address these difficulties, it is therefore essential to look into the solutions provided by the businesses listed below.

Cooker Repair Companies In Nairobi Kenya

Cooker Repair Companies In Nairobi Kenya

1. Bestcare Cooker Repair Service

Their cooker repair Nairobi staff is skilled in cooker diagnosis and can resolve the majority of typical cooker issues in a matter of hours, giving you a completely functional cooker on the spot. If your cooker should need specialized parts, Bestcare manages the entire sourcing, purchasing, and delivery process, ensuring that parts arrive promptly.

Their Nairobi-based cooker experts are skilled and amiable, and they will work as quickly as possible while causing the least amount of disruption to your home. Additionally, their cooker repair service is backed by a guarantee.

Location: Mpaka Plaza, Westlands

Contacts: 0722 566 999

2. Topfix appliances

For their customers in and around Nairobi, Topfix Appliances fixes microwaves, electric and gas cookers, water dispensers, and washing machines. They can work with all makes and models of appliances, including those from Samsung, Bosch, Beko, Frigidaire, Daewoo, and more.

Their residential appliance repair services are offered throughout Nairobi and the surrounding areas.  Due to its outstanding customer service and high success rate, the company has a sizable number of satisfied customers in and around the city.

Location: Nairobi central

Contacts: 0704 544 761

3. Nairobi Repair

The company specializes in home appliance repair. They offer maintenance and repairs for a range of electronic devices, including electric ovens, cookers, washing machines, dishwashers, etc. When you call them, they will determine what the problem is with your refrigerator and if it needs extensive repairs, small tweaks, or replacement. In addition to offering affordable electronic repairs, Nairobi Repairs also offers installation, maintenance, recovery, cleaning, and assembly services.

Location: Lakhamshi House

Contacts: 0714 901 783

4. Insta Repairs

For broken equipment in homes and offices in Nairobi, turn to Insta Repairs. It is primarily a reputable distributor of all office furniture and provides repair and upkeep for such equipment. To offer unequaled services for repairing stoves, refrigerators, chimneys, water dispensers, and other household and kitchen appliances, it does, however, employ a staff of skilled engineers. A six-month warranty is included with their repair services.

Location: Kenya House, Koinange Street

Contacts: 0716 415 418

5. Imperial Appliances Repair

The company, which was established in 2015, helps houses maintain high standards of hygiene by keeping washers, dryers, stoves, and laundry equipment in good operating order. They are currently one of Kenya’s leading domestic and home appliance repair companies, relying on hundreds of customers. Whether your appliances require minor repairs or extensive overhauls, Imperial Appliances strives to offer timely and cost-effective solutions that get them back up and running.

Location: Nairobi

Contacts: 0770 029 959

6. Armco Kenya Ltd

Originally known as Sanyo Armco, the business is a reputable distributor of items under the Armco and Toshiba brands in Kenya. Electronic appliances for the home and workplace are available, including stoves, televisions, subwoofers, washers, and dryers.

Additionally, among other home appliances, Armco offers skilled technicians who specialize in the repair and upkeep of gas and electric cookers.  Armco boasts a broad market reach and offers client assistance around-the-clock.

Location: Shamneel Court, 2 Muthithi Rd

Contacts: 0733 638 901

7. Machine Repair Nairobi

You will get skilled repair services for any of your electrical appliances at Machine Repair Nairobi. Everything from washing machines, stoves, dryers, refrigerators, freezers, cooktops, dishwashers, microwaves, and water dispensers may be fixed by them for all major brands at a reasonable cost. They have a group of knowledgeable professionals and years of expertise in Nairobi appliance repair.

Location: Along Waiyaki Way

Contacts: 0725570499

8. Repair Ready

They offer assistance with refrigerator installation, maintenance, replacement of parts, fault finding, refilling, and defrosting in the Nairobi area. The company completes a variety of tasks at various levels of complexity.

Their team is made up of highly qualified professionals with a minimum of six years’ worth of industry experience. In addition, Repair Ready Company offers repairs for dishwashers, dryers, refrigerators, stoves, ranges, ovens, and central heaters. No matter the size of the project at hand, their experienced and pleasant team of specialists strives to provide each customer with best-in-class service. They have more than 15 years of experience.

Location: 256 Nairobi

Contacts: 0707 790 099

9. Nairobi Supertech

Supertech one of Kenya’s greatest services for maintaining and repairing home and exercise equipment is provided by this company. They use skilled and knowledgeable technicians who guarantee the best services for their customers. On cookers, they offer the following services. The temperature of the gas oven varies, the gas cooker door won’t shut, the gas oven is emitting smoke, there is a gas smell, and the burner in the gas cooker won’t light. They have more than five years of experience fixing home and gym appliances. To guarantee high-quality and prompt labor service, they go above and beyond.

Location: Nairobi

Contacts: 0740 271 131

10. Madadi Appliances

In order to provide honest, amiable, and timely service to its clients, Madadi Appliances first began performing cooker repairs in Nairobi and around the country in 1975. Today, years later, they are still as passionate and steadfast as ever.

They are now among the top domestic cooker repair businesses in Nairobi, working with several of the biggest manufacturers in the globe as well as hundreds of consumers each week. They provide prompt, dependable service, fully outfitted vans and technicians, and one-time labor charges.

Location: Westlands

Contacts: 0799198102

11. Dunhill Appliances

Nairobi-based company Dunhill Appliances & Repair offers home appliance repair services. They deal with a variety of machine problems, such as malfunctions, electrical problems, part upgrades and replacements, as well as basic servicing and maintenance. They categorize based on, but are not limited to: air conditioners, lawnmowers, trampolines, electric cookers, ovens, washers, and washing machines. All of their completed repairs come with a parts and labor warranty, which they are happy to provide. This means you won’t ever have to worry about them giving you a damaged item or doing a shoddy repair.

Call:  +254 797 864 149

12. The Appliances Garage

For reliable assistance with refrigerator, washer, and stove repairs, turn to The Appliances Garage. They are your go-to choice for restoring the operation of your important home appliances because they have a staff of highly qualified specialists and years of experience in the industry. The Appliances Garage is dedicated to providing efficient repairs, whether your cooker need a new ignition system, your washing machine is having drainage issues, or your fridge is not chilling as it should. They are completely committed to keeping your appliances up and running well since they recognize the crucial part they play in daily life.

Call: 0700692078

13. Liquid Refrigeration Co. Ltd

Their skilled technicians are the first choice for companies and people looking for dependable and effective maintenance and repair services because they have a thorough understanding of the complex systems that maintain comfortable conditions and ideal temperatures. In addition to guaranteeing the durability and effectiveness of refrigeration and ventilation systems, Liquid Refrigeration Co. Ltd also makes a substantial contribution to the general health and productivity of their clients’ areas. This business’ commitment to client pleasure is evident in every activity, whether it be solving complicated problems, doing basic maintenance, or installing energy-efficient renovations.

Call: 0720 594078

14. Nairobi Appliance Fix

Nairobi Appliance Fix is motivated by the desire to meet their customers’ demands to the best of their ability and to the greatest possible standard. they are a business that was founded around five years ago. They ensure that you are taken care of by offering all home appliance service solutions to their clients at the time of need, whether it is at homes, offices, universities, or schools. By getting in touch with them, they promise you security, comfort, and superior services. They stand out from the competition since they conduct follow-ups on all the services and solutions they offer to clients.

Call: +254 704 712 315

15. B Online services

B Online Services is an online service provider of kitchen and laundry appliances (washing machines, cookers, refrigerators, dryers, etc.) as well as entertainment and music equipment and air conditioners of all brands. They also provide electrical wiring and plumbing services. Their top concern is providing their clients with high-quality services.Additionally, they provide reasonably priced services to all of their customers nationwide.

Call: 0700108663

In conclusion,

A malfunctioning cooker can lead to serious accidents if left unattended. Moreover, locating a trustworthy repair service for your cooker can be quite a challenge. But fear not, if you’re in Nairobi, these repair companies are at your service, ready to solve your cooker issues promptly and efficiently. Don’t risk safety and quality – choose from the reliable options listed above for a hassle-free solution.

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